About Jessi

My Background


 Hi there, I'm Jessica Gibson. I've been writing since 2011, and along the way I've learned a thing or two about the industry. I also discovered that I love to be a cheerleader, and I love to see people achieve their dreams. 

What Exactly Does An Author Coach Do?


 People hear the term author coach and don't automatically understand what it is that I do. In a nutshell, I help you take the reigns of your career back in hand. I give you the tools to succeed. It's all in there already, sometimes it takes someone else believing in you so you can too. 

Dream Big


 Give yourself permission to dream as big as you want. Give yourself permission to succeed. You are worth it. Remember that no one will take you seriously unless you take yourself serious first.  

About Kallie

A little about me


Writing is my passion. And, like any soul-stimulating, joy-inducing, creativity-conjuring adventure, writing has brought me to a new world. Coaching.  My name is Kallie Ross and I've taught High School English and Advanced Research and Writing for over five years. I'm currently working on my third Young Adult Fantasy/Adventure novel, and I've also written a New Adult Urban Fantasy. My goal has always been to introduce young people to unique and inspiring fiction.


 I'm thrilled to be able to teach new authors how to create a sturdy social platform, encourage writers to get their story on the page, and guide anyone who wants to write a book with Jessica Gibson and #justwriteED.


"Life is too short to wait."

"Don't live your fears, live your dreams."